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{meet theCHEER FAIRY}

The Cheer Fairy is dedicated to bringing cheer to children living on the far Eastside of Columbus, and surrounding communities, through random surprise gift drops. Eventually, the fairy would love to expand her efforts to across the U.S.

Initially, The Cheer Fairy emptied her fairy bank to fund these gift drops. To help her bring more cheer to more children, we have created theHouse Cheer Fairy Fund to expand fundraising efforts.

To shop The Cheer Fairy Collective, where a portion of profits are placed in the TheHouse Cheer Fairy Fund, please visit

If you would like to donate to TheHouse Cheer Fairy Fund, directly, you may do so at

You can also track The Cheer Fairy’s sprinkling of love, share stories & photos of joy you have spread in your community, purchase items to help fund the fairy bank & donate to the fairy fund at

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